Indonesia recorded 245 new cases of COVID-19, Friday (12/3/2021). The total active cases are now 7,705.
DKI Jakarta contributed the highest number of cases with a total of 42 cases. Followed by West Java with a total of 30 cases, then East Nusa Tenggara with a total of 27 cases.

Details of the development of the Corona virus, Friday (12/3/2021):
Positive patients increased by 245 to 4,257,243
Recovered patients increased by 328 to 4,105,680
Patients died increased by 8 to 143,858
It was recorded that 283,063 specimens were examined today throughout Indonesia, while the number of suspects was 5,445.

The following is the distribution of Corona in Indonesia, Friday (12/3/2021):
DKI Jakarta: 42 cases
West Java: 30 cases
East Nusa Tenggara: 27 cases
IN Yogyakarta: 25 cases
Central Java: 23 cases
East Java: 21 cases
Lampung: 18 cases
Bali: 11 cases
South Sulawesi: 7 cases
Banten: 6 cases
West Kalimantan: 6 cases
Riau: 5 cases
South Sumatra: 4 cases
Bangka Belitung: 4 cases
West Papua: 4 cases
North Sumatra: 3 cases
West Nusa Tenggara: 2 cases
North Kalimantan: 2 cases
Aceh: 1 case
West Sumatra: 1 case
East Kalimantan: 1 case
Central Sulawesi: 1 case
West Sulawesi: 1 case


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