President Jokowi revealed the story behind the struggle of TNI/Polri personnel in handling Covid-19 in Indonesia. The soldiers worked desperately to help reduce cases of the corona virus, which had spiked sharply some time ago. According to Jokowi, the TNI/Polri’s desperate work in controlling Covid-19 cannot be separated from the threat of dismissal which he said to the National Police Chief, General Pol Listyo Sigit Prabowo. The Kapolda and the ranks below were afraid and finally carried out their orders.

“Because I’m also afraid of being removed if I can’t control it in the province, in the city, in the district, I’ve entrusted it to the National Police Chief, be careful if you keep going up, I’ll give orders to replace it, it turns out it’s down, down, down, down ( COVID-19 cases), meaning that everyone is afraid of being removed,” said Jokowi when giving a briefing to the Head of Regional Units (Kasatwil) 2021 in Bali, which was attended by TNI-Polri leaders at various regional levels, both offline and online. Jokowi’s statement was followed by laughter from TNI-Polri soldiers.

Quoted from the Presidential Secretariat’s Youtube, Jokowi revealed that the daily cases of Covid-19 had reached 56,000 and have now dropped drastically to 311 per day. This positive achievement, said Jokowi, could not be separated from the hard work of the TNI-Polri.

“On this auspicious occasion I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the ranks of the Indonesian National Police and the TNI, who I have seen the implementation in the field desperately. 56,000 have dropped to 311 daily cases, this is an extraordinary achievement and not all countries experience this,” he said.


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