ASSYFA.MY.IDHistory of the Origin of Barcode. A bar code or commonly known as a barcode is an optical data in which there is a line that can be read by a special machine. Barcodes provide a lot of convenience in distinguishing a type of product and provide efficiency when entering product data.

However, do you know the history of the barcode itself?

Quoted from, Tuesday, January 11, 2022, barcodes were first introduced by Wallace Flint, a Harvard student, United States, in 1932.

At that time, Flint made a goods inspection system at a retail company . Initially, barcodes were widely used by retail companies and eventually widely used by industries.

In 1948, a local grocery store owner asked the Drexel Institute of Technology to create a system that reads product information during checkout automatically.

At the request, Bernanrd Silver and Joseph Woodland joined forces to find a solution to the problem. Woodland proposed an ink that was sensitive to ultraviolet light and this prototype was rejected because it was expensive and unstable.

On October 20, 1949, Woodland and Silver succeeded in creating an improved prototype and on October 7, 1952, they received a patent for their research.

Barcodes were first used commercially in 1970. At that time, Logicon Inc. Created a Universal Grocery Products Identification Standard (UGPIC) and the company that first produced barcodes was Monach Marking and in the industrial world, barcodes were used for the first time by Plessey Telecommunications.


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