barcode or barcode is a collection of optical data that can be read through a special machine.

Barcodes are widely used because they provide convenience, especially to distinguish one product from another. In addition, barcodes also provide efficiency when entering product data.

Do you know how to make your own barcode ?

Here are some ways you can make your own barcode

  1. Creating barcodes for personal use
  • Go to the site
  • Follow the steps listed on the site
  • Fill in any required information, such as item name and serial number
  • Your barcode is ready and ready to use
  1. Creating barcodes for business purposes
  • You must first know your product’s UPC/ISBN identification number
  • To get the UPC, you can go to the site and to get the ISBN code, you can go to the site.
  1. Create barcodes with the app
  • You can choose the barcode generator application on the Playstore and AppStore
  • Then, you can fill in the required information regarding your product
  • Barcode ready to use

Those are some ways to create your own barcode. Remember, if you want to use barcodes for business purposes, you must first create a UPC or ISBN number.


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