A barcode or commonly known as a barcode is a collection of optical data that is read by a machine. Bar codes collect data in parallel lines and line spacing.

Barcodes have a function to distinguish one type of product from another.

In general, barcodes are used to store all information about a product, which includes the product expiration date, production code, and the identity number of a product.

Currently, barcodes are widely used because barcode systems offer ease of use.

If you use a barcode , you will find it easier to enter data and faster than you using the manual method.

In addition, barcodes will also create an accurate information recording system because barcodes are equipped with a high level of accuracy and accuracy.

In addition, the use of barcodes also offers efficiency that can minimize losses and by using barcodes you do not need a lot of energy in entering data.

In practice, there are four types of barcodes that are widely found, including barcodes for retail products , barcodes for publishing, barcodes for non- retail purposes , and barcodes for pharmacies.


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